June 30, 2011

Get To Know Our 2011-12 Board of Directors, Part XIII

By Michelle Hostrup, Communications Committee 2011-12

This is Part XIII of a series of interviews of our 2011-12 Board of Directors. Be sure to check out our introductory post on 5/19/11.

Jovita Honor Finance VP 2011-12

Jovita joined the League in 2003, and most of her roles since then have been finance related. Her first committee was the Habitat for Humanity IDA program in which she worked with adults who had purchased homes with the help from Habitat on their budgeting and financial skills. From there she went on to serve as the Holiday Boutique Treasurer for two years and was then on the Board as Treasurer and Finance VP. Most recently she was a Provisional Chair, a departure from the rest of her finance related League career, but one she immensely enjoyed.

Having served as Finance VP once before, she couldn’t be more prepared for the role. She has also worked with Meaux on committees in the past, and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with her again. Jovita is especially looking forward to getting to know the other members of the Board. She mentioned that working on the Board allows for the greatest impact, and is the best way to meet more people.

Jovita admitted that this past year allowed her more balance between work and the League because it was not a financial role. I was surprised to hear that since I know that chairing the Provisional committee can be extremely time intensive. But Jovita is accustomed to working hard, because the harder you work, the more you can "play". And Jovita is not one to shy away from the social activities!

When Jovita's not working, she likes to read, plan trips or hang out at home with her husband and dogs. She is always up for a new challenge and trying new things. Although the Finance VP role comes with more familiarity, the economic landscape will certainly put a twist on managing the financial components of the League. But she never walks away from a challenge; to prove it, she just started learning to play golf. Good luck Jovita!

That's it for our Board of Director interviews! Thank you ladies for participating!

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