June 11, 2011

Get To Know Our 2011-12 Board of Directors, Part VII

By Michelle Hostrup, Communications Committee 2011-12

This is Part VII of a series of interviews introducing our 2011-12 Board of Directors. Check out our introductory post on 5/19/11.

Vanessa Roach, Special Projects/Community Member At Large (MAL) 2011-12

I wasn't surprised when Vanessa Roach told me that she was the JLPA-MP President two years ago; the League runs in her blood. Her mom was League President while Vanessa was in high school, igniting her desire to be a leader at a young age.

Like other Board members, Vanessa is looking forward to working with Meaux in the Special Projects position next year. Meaux actually held the position (Special Projects) when Vanessa was President. In addition to coordinating the Board retreat and working closely with the Community Advisors, Vanessa's main focus for next year will be on the Strategic Plan. She's currently working on the taskforce that will be involved in looking at retention in the League and our community involvement.

Having first-hand experience as President, she can offer Meaux guidance and support. Vanessa mentioned that having a mixed Board (newer members and some veterans) is the key to a successful leadership team, and she is confident the Board this year is going to be awesome. In her specific role, she will focus on the bigger issues the affect the immediate future of the JLPA-MP. In our ever changing world, it's important to have people like Vanessa who can be a cheerleader and also step in and aid in the projects that really matter.

Vanessa has a lot on her plate. In addition to the League, she keeps busy as the Executive Director of the Gamble House, entertaining family and friends, gardening and playing with her dog Kassy. I have to mention that we had such a good time talking, that we ended our conversation with her inviting me to the Glee concert this summer. We discovered that we were both Glee fanatics, and I was tickled that she would on-the-spot invite me to join her at the concert. What a true affirmation of the type of women "League" women are!

Stay tuned for more Board member interviews!

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