June 22, 2011

Get to Know Our 2011-12 Board of Directors, Part X

By Michelle Hostrup, Communications Committee 2011-12

This is Part X of a series of interviews of our 2011-12 Board of Directors. Please check out our original introductory post on 5/19/11.

Joy Peacock, Membership Development VP 2011-12

Joy Peacock will be championing Membership Development next year. She has recently experienced a lot of newness in her life including a new job at the Santa Clara University Law School. When she started her new job she told her manager, who was already aware of her Junior League involvement from the interview process, that she would be highly involved in the Junior League and that her participation in League activities was a priority. She is acutely aware that she will have a lasting impact on the Junior League community, and her success and learning will allow her to do the same for the law school community. And her boss totally agreed. Way to set priorities, Joy!

Joy is very much aligned with Meaux in terms of membership goals. They both agree that a large part of the strategic plan for the League needs to be towards new member recruitment, training current members and retaining them. Membership Development has combined Membership Enrichment and Training, which were previously separate committees. Joy's focus for next year is to align her committee with active members, ensure that Nominating is placing the right person in the right leadership position, and that overall there is more open communication and interaction.

Joy realizes that it's a huge challenge for non-profits to retain their volunteers, and even harder during a down economy. The JLPA-MP has a healthy membership, but must continue to focus on expansion and growth. She acknowledges that women join the League to meet other like-minded women and to volunteer in the community. But where we take that next step, how we attract and retain, is the same reason Joy continues to be a very active member and not sustain - she constantly meets new and interesting people, who have added to her personal and professional network of friends. And to provide that opportunity to prospective members and current members who may not be as front and center will make the biggest difference in our membership.

Stay tuned for more Board Member interviews!

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