June 08, 2011

Get To Know Our 2011-12 Board of Directors, Part VI

By Michelle Hostrup, Communications Committee 2011-12

This is Part VI of a series introducing our Board of Directors, check out our introductory post on 5/19/11.

Ann-Christel Graham, Community VP 2011-12

Ann-Christel Graham joined the League in 2002, initially because she wanted more volunteer opportunities. She has always considered herself a community person and volunteer-orientated, so it's no surprise that she stepped up to the plate to be the Community VP next year. In the past she has chaired community projects such as Children's Place, First Teachers, and Project Development, never shying away from a new challenge. It's evident that this Board position is the culmination of all her community experiences –-she's earned it!

Ann-Christel has big ideas for the League and is looking forward to executing them in her new position. She especially wants to capture how the Junior League impacts the community (similar to Summer's goal). Her concern is that community members don't understand what the League does, nor are they aware of the difference we make or the impact we have. Ann-Christel talked about the sense of pride she felt after the grant recipients were announced at last year's May Annual Meeting, and having more of that type of transparency in the League so that people will understand us better.

Ann-Christel understands that we are all busy, including herself, and shared practical ways the League could be more efficient. For example, why not schedule more conference calls or Skype calls as opposed to in person meetings? We can all agree that meeting face-to-face is important, but some days it would be much easier to dial in, and might help increase meeting attendance. Ann-Christel see's the big picture, and is eager to start making some improvements.
Bringing new ideas to the table is not something she only does for the League. She likes to explore different kinds of cooking and food, and often experiments on her family. Evidently she's been successful, as a few nights ago her son requested crab for dinner. If she can get her four year old son to eat crab, I'm confident that she can bolster the face of the Junior League to the community and our other constituents.

Stay tuned for more Board Member interviews!

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