December 21, 2011

Thanks for Having Us!

By Ansley Jentz, Member Resources Committee

On behalf of the ladies of the Member Resources Committee, we sincerely appreciate the hospitality of your committees over the past few months. We were welcomed into your meetings, given time on your agenda, and allowed the chance to meet you in person – which is, hand-down, the best part of all.

Member Resources Committee (L to R) Miriam Huntley (holding Ashlyn Levy),
Marissa Levy, Ansley Jentz, Liz Wood, Gabriella Cirelli, and Mary Grundy
Not pictured: Leticia Gonzalez-Ratchev and Stephanie Pearson-Phillips

As our committee discussed the committee visit experience, we all agreed that the visits are invaluable. Meeting the women that we represent is what it’s all about. As a liaison, the committee visit is our chance to say hello and put a name to a face – which allows a better connection for the coming year.

We likely missed several of you if you were not at “that meeting” – so below is an abbreviated overview of what we shared:

Member Resources Committee members are your partner in the League and want the best for you. We are the ones you reach out to when you need:
  • To change your membership status – for example, due to outside circumstances you cannot complete your commitment and need to take a Leave of Absence
  • To discuss your League experience – whether you’re having a fabulous experience thanks to your fellow committee members and leaders, or if you feel that you need to switch and explore another committee placement
  • To confirm that you’ve met your membership obligations as the year moves along – we are the ones who will give that gentle reminder of any missed obligations
  • To express your interests for your League future – we need to know whether you’re interested in doing a community project, or fundraiser, or an internal placement in the next year
So, we are sorry if we missed you, but certainly hope to have the chance to get to know you in the months ahead. You can look for us at the January General Membership Meeting… we have bright-colored flowers that we’ll be wearing.

Be sure to reach out to us with any concerns or questions about your League year.

Happy Holidays, and thanks again for having us!

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