December 29, 2011

Blogging! Team Activity from September GMM, Bundle 5

By Michelle Hostrup, Social Media Assistant Chair

This is Part V of a series of team blog submissions from the September GMM. See Part I on the 12/7/11 blog post.

Team Blog Activity from September GMM, Bundle 5

Among your table, what are some of your money saving tips?

Submitted by Rosa Singh and Team

1. Shop in bulk (Costco) 2. Comparison shop 3. Use cash as you will spend less 4. Pay bills online to save on postage 5. Buy from The Shop 6. Cook on Sundays and freeze meals 7. Have a vegetable garden 8. Swap books and toys 9. Use the library for DVDs and books 10. Use Coupons 11. Bike or walk to work

Submitted by Dana and Team

1. Shop at the Shop 2. Coupons 3 Use Groupon 4. Cook from scratch 5. Watch HGTV - Design on a dime 6.Take a lunch 7. Shop at Marshalls and TJ Max 8. Shoe repair for your heels 9. Wait 24 hours to think about a big purchase 10. Make twice the amount of food and save the rest in the freezer for lunch 11. Public transportation when its cheaper (and its green) 12. Drink during happy hour 13. Share clothes with your girlfriends 14. Rent a movie and make dinner at home for a romantic date 15. Shop Palo Alto mother's club for deals on kids stuff.

Submitted by Emily Cunningham, Erin Reyes, Nina Bailey, Calla Griffith, Lauren Wald and Regine Nelson

1. Don't go to Stanford Shopping Mall 2. Go to the grocery store with a list 3. Brew your own Peet’s or Starbucks at home 4. Only buy what you need 5. Develop a budget

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