December 07, 2011

Blogging! Team Activity from September GMM, Bundle 1

By Michelle Hostrup, Social Media Assistant Chair

The JLPA-MP had a very busy Fall and start to the 2011-12 League year. Now that things are starting to quiet down as we enter the holiday season, I will be posting a few blog articles that were written after the September GMM, but never published. The responses are too good not to be shared, so here they are!

The first General Membership Meeting of this league year was on September 14, 2011. There were at least 20 tables set-up in the meeting room, each completely full – the room was packed! President Meaux Costello kicked off the meeting with a warm welcome and announcements, followed by project and event updates from the different committee’s.

Summer Brill, Communications VP, gave an update on the League’s Communications focus for the upcoming year, including three main areas:
  • Marketing - Streamline the process for using communications outlets for League
  • Interaction - Facilitate and encourage sharing and interaction among members
  • Branding - Increase awareness of the League in the community
During her presentation, Summer introduced a group activity related to our League blog. Each table received a blog topic and was given instructions to discuss their topic, create a unique blog post, and submit the blog post by logging onto the JLPA-MP website.

The blog posts submitted during the activity were extremely creative. From the submissions I developed five bundles of responses from the various teams. The remaining team response bundles will be published over the next few weeks, so check back in to read each one!

Team Blog Activity from September GMM, Bundle 1

Tell us about a situation you experienced with the League that you wouldn't have experienced outside of the League

Submitted by Naomi Chavez Peters and Board Members

Naomi Chavez Peters & Team
The League turned Sally into a master fundraiser. The biggest auction ever held in the League was her year running the auction at the Fashion Show! "Being a League member brought me out of my shyness," says Sustainer Anne. "It's a safe place to try things and not be judged" says sustainer, Kathy. "I would never have become a CPR instructor without the league training." She got Red Cross CPR training through the League in the 80's. “And both my husband and I became gourmet cooks after writing two "Private Collection" cookbooks!" Kathy ended up with over 700 cookbooks! "I got the opportunity to be the 'mom and consultant' I always to be, through my association with the Junior League," says Naomi, who just returned from a trip to West Texas (Amarillo and Odess) training League leaders in those communities.

If you were given 30 days free of all responsibilities (work, childcare, etc.), what would you do with that time?

Submitted by Christina York

We would travel, read, eat, sunbathe, shop at The Shop, go running, garden, and volunteer.

Stay tuned for more team responses to be published.

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