December 15, 2011

Blogging! Team Activity from September GMM, Bundle 3

By Michelle Hostrup, Social Media Assistant Chair

This is Part III of a series of team blog submissions from the September GMM. See Part I on the 12/7/11 blog post.

Team Blog Activity from September GMM, Bundle 3

If you could forever eliminate one task from your daily routine, what would it be and why?

Submitted by Amy Truel and Team

Amy Truel and League members
Laundry! If we didn't have to do laundry, we would have time to do the following: 1) Have time to donate clothing to the Shop 2) Go to lunch with a Junior League Member 3) Volunteer for every Junior League event on the calendar 4) Have time to submit blog entry daily for Junior League 5) Have time to write Piper articles 6) Comment on every Junior League Facebook post 7) Buy enough Junior League t-shirts to wear 365 days a year

Submitted by Stacey Harbeson and Team

In our perfect world there would be no dishes to do. We all would have a dishwasher fairy that would whisk away our plates after dinner, place them in the dishwasher, and empty it while we sleep. There would be no crusty dishes from husbands who don't rinse and dry chapped dishpan hands.

Submitted by Chris Sapyta, May Matsui, Rebecca Siegel, Taylor Fleeson, Stephanie Dugary

CS: I'd l eliminate dish washing and laundry.TF: shaving legs and laundry RS: putting on makeup or straightening my hair MM: I'd get rid of washing dishes. SD: I would eliminate the colossal waste of time that is sitting in traffic.

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