December 12, 2011

Blogging! Team Activity from September GMM, Bundle 2

By Michelle Hostrup, Social Media Assistant Chair

This is Part II of a series of team blog submissions from the September GMM. See Part I on the 12/7/11 blog post.

Team Blog Activity from September GMM, Bundle 2
League members working on the Blog activity

Share with us a placement you've learned the most from in the League

Submitted by Joy Peacock

I was the assistant chair of the Spring Gala. I had never been in charge of solicitations before and a month after I took the position, I found out I was pregnant. I learned to be fearless and juggle many priorities.

What’s the best gift you ever received?

Submitted by GMM Group

1. Port-a-potty for the boat. 2. Puppy. 3. Having a child, after being told by two doctors that I wasn't able to give birth to a child. 4. Large photo from a loved photographer. 5. Trip to Rome. 6. My grandmother's engagement ring.

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