March 08, 2011

Think YOU can Balance California's Budget? Join SPAC April 14th and Give it a Try!

By Catherine Carlton, Senior SPAC Delegate 2010-11

The Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula, The Junior League of San Francisco and The Junior League of Oakland East Bay have put together the rare opportunity to participate in the Next 10 Budget Challenge for 2011.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the state programs and
the budget by trying to balance the budget yourself with a special
computer "game" that is a lot of fun!  We will be carpooling from the
Gatehouse, or people can meet us there.  It's open to both members and
friends.  Here are the details:

What FUN and Educational!! Join the Next 10 California Budget Challenge 2011!

When:    Thursday, April 14 @ 6:30pm

Where:    Claremont Middle School, 5750 College Avenue, Oakland  (We will
carpool from the Gatehouse.)

What:     Try your hand at solving California’s budget woes with a
personal handheld device - YOU balance the California budget!
* Build a state budget based on your values and vision for the state's future
* Learn about some of the topical policy choices legislators face
* Take action and email the governor and your representatives about the policy choices you are making
* Understand about how the budget is built, who is involved, and important background information
* See the choices other people are making on each policy choice

Contact: Catherine Carlton, SPAC Delegate, at

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