April 30, 2013

What's In Your Purse?

Beth Ann B. has her trusty dog and companion, Monkey in her purse today!

What's the most useful, funniest, or most unusual thing in your purse at the moment? 

Email a photo and description to socialmedia@thejuniorleague.org and let us see what's in your purse!

Beth Ann and Monkey!

April 26, 2013

Done in a Day: Rebuilding Together, April 27

By Noelle Santamaria, Communications Committee
National Rebuilding Day is on Saturday, April 27 and Mrs. Herron cannot wait for the 50+ volunteers who will show up on her doorstep (including myself!). The daughter of a sharecropper in Louisiana, Mrs. Herron moved to Berkeley after high school graduation to be near her brother. Four months later, she met her future husband through an introduction by her brother. In 1968, Mrs. Herron and her husband purchased their first home in San Mateo. Along with raising three sons and a daughter, they could be found most weekends working on updating and maintaining their cherished home.
In 2005, after 49 years of marriage, Mr. Herron passed away. Soon after, Mrs. Herron’s health began to deteriorate with multiple health problems.  Keeping up with maintenance on her home became difficult and fell to the wayside.   She made the decision this year to seek support for help on her home.  She applied for renovation assistance through Rebuilding Together Peninsula to repair, restore, and upgrade safety features of her large, two-story house.
For the second year, George P. Johnson, an experience marketing company in San Carlos, has donated $5,000 for supplies and will be providing 40 company volunteers to this Rebuilding Together project.  Junior League of Palo Alto • Mid Peninsula will be joining George P. Johnson again by lending support with 12 league volunteers. Rebuilding Together Peninsula was founded in 1989 under the leadership of the Junior League of Palo Alto • Mid Peninsula and a community-based advisory board. The league is proud to continue their long time support of this popular Done in a Day project.
The pictures below are the “before” photos of Mrs. Herron’s home.  Stay tuned as I share post-renovation pictures in the next two weeks.  I am Iooking forward, along with my fellow League members, to rolling up our sleeves, getting dirty, and doing what we do so well: bringing communities together and helping to rebuild lives.