May 15, 2012

JLPA-MP Mother's Day Feature II

By Michelle Hostrup and Amy Truel, Communications Team

Welcome to the JLPA-MP Mother's Day Special Edition Blog Feature. This is the second mother-daughter feature in a series of three. Check out the first published article from this series on May 13, 2012.

Marcie and Beth Ann Brown
Is your mother in the Junior League?

BETH ANN: My mom was a transfer member to the JLPA-MP (in 1988, I think?) and continues to be involved this day.

Do you have a daughter who is a Junior League Member?

MARCIE: My daughter, Beth Ann Brown, is an Active in the JLPA-MP.

Describe your experience as a mother-daughter Junior League pair.
Beth Ann and Marcie

BETH ANN: It's been awesome! My mom went back to Active status after ten years Sustaining, so we could be active members together. We've done a lot of social events together and had a really good time. We enjoy each other's company and it's been fun for her to show me something she really enjoys.

MARCIE: Beth Ann encouraged me to change status from Sustainer to Active when she became an Active. Its been great to serve together!

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