August 16, 2011

Member Spotlight: What's in Your Bag, Group 3

This week get to know...

Allison Felder
2011-12 Placement: Project Development

What’s in your bag? Apple, wallet, keys and cosmetic bag.

What has been one of your favorite league events? All of the Shelter Network trainings are my favorite events.

Describe the League in 3 words: Hard-working, fun, commitment.

Darice Koo
2011-12 Placement: Project READ

What’s in your bag? Wallet, money, chapstick, comb, hair ties, purse hanger, pens, pencil, Kleenex, photos, glasses, nail clipper, keys, business cards, stamps, phone, ear buds, gum, mints and two folding shopping bags.

Describe the League in 3 words: Friendship, powerful, amazing.

Name a fear you’ve overcome: Speaking in front of crowds.

Kirtina Burns
2011-12 Placement: Leave of absence

What’s in your bag? Sunglasses, medication, Excedrin, PMS Excedrin, wallet, cell phone, camera, cough drops, paycheck stub, powder, powder brush, mints, gum, pen, Tums, JL nametag, lip gloss, lipstick and keys.

What has been one of your favorite league events? Home Tour has been one of my favorite league events. I even got to share the event with my mom and my aunt who really enjoyed it.

Describe the League in 3 words: fun, philanthropy, friendship.

Name a fear you’ve overcome and how you did it: I’ve always been a dependent person but this year I finally decided to go to Europe by myself.

Did you meet any new league members last year? The people I got to know were mostly in the Enrichment Committee.

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