August 05, 2011

Communications 2.0: Photo Storing and Sharing

By Summer Brill, Communications VP

Time for another installment of Communications 2.0!

Today we are going to answer the question: How do I submit photos for my social media/blog/Piper submissions? This year we are asking for your help in gathering, centralizing and storing the great photos you take of our League events and social. We have a League Smug Mug account and we’ve already set up galleries for the 2011-12 League year by committee name.

Please upload the photos you take at League events and socials directly to your committee’s gallery as soon as you can after each event and please be sure to add your captions. Why are we asking you to upload your own photos? We as a committee simply do not have the personnel resources to upload the photos of the entire League. By using a central storage site, we can be sure our photos are not lost or spread out among various member’s computers. It is more efficient and this also ensures the correct caption is added to each photo as you are the one who took the photo and have the best knowledge of the event and people in the photo.

Another big plus, this also gives all of our committees the ability to use the photos for various League uses and each committee can just go into Smug Mug and grab the photos they want. No more emailing various committees to see if anyone has a photo of XYZ event or person!

Please be sure to only upload the photos you want to be used for all public League uses. And please do not upload any photos of children if you did not get a signed photo release form: (

Here’s how to upload your photos:

Login: jlpamp
Password: Available Here

Find and click on your appropriate gallery, click Upload in the top menu bar, click "to this gallery" and follow the instructions. Please be sure to add a caption to each photo you upload (Event Name/Date, Names L-R).

When you submit your Web Form, in the box "Photo description/caption in Smug Mug:" include the description of the photo you uploaded to Smug Mug and want to have us include, we will go into Smug Mug to grab the photo you want us to use.

Stay tuned for more Communications 2.0!

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