August 03, 2011

Done In A Day Kicks Things Off With My New Red Shoes

By Beth Ann Brown, Communications Team

Done In A Day started the year early by participating in My New Red Shoes' annual "Pack for Pride" event. This year around a hundred and fifty volunteers came to stuff back-to-school bags for 3566 homeless children over the course of the day. It was amazing to see so many people eager to help and so many new shoes for those who need them most.

Regine Nelson & Melonie Martinez

The League, which participated in two shifts, had eighteen adults and six kids participating overall. The two Done in a Day co-chairs were in charge of this event on the League side and were enthusiastic about the turnout and the upcoming year. In fact, everyone was cheerful as they participated; it felt good knowing that something so simple was likely going to make a difference in a child's life.

Volunteers took handmade bags and stuffed them with hand written notes, crayons or gel pens and brand new Converse shoes. Each child's name, age and gender was written on a card and they were stacked by shelter (My New Red Shoes services multiple shelters throughout the Santa Clara, San Francisco and San Mateo counties-- including Haven House).

Brenna Preston, DIAD Co-Chair

At the end of the afternoon, we were left with the amazing sight of thousands of colorful bags lined up for children in dozens of shelters. It was hot and many of us were parched but the overall good vibes were practically palpable-- everyone seemed to have a wonderful time doing their part. The best part was seeing the kids getting involved and learning about service. It gave a lot of hope.

For more information on My New Red Shoes and what they do in the community, visit their website:

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