July 27, 2011

Training for Bowling

By Beth Ann Brown, Communications Team

The new Communications Team and Community Council met tonight for a joint social and meeting on July 25th. The first part of the evening was spent bowling and socializing at Palo Alto Bowl. Twelve of the sixteen attendees played and Ana White was the overall winner with a score of 130. (She was also the only person to bowl over a hundred, though Catherine Wilson came close.)

Pro-bowler Summer Brill
After an hour of bowling the group adjourned to a back room for a presentation by the impressively organized Summer Brill. Summer outlined the new system of communications being utilized by the League and walked the group through the usage of the newly created web forms. (One of which is being used to submit this article).

Catherine Wilson & Catherine Ross-Stoll

Overall, the mood was one of excitement among both groups. We're excited to get the word out about what the League's doing-- excited to get the community more involved in what we're doing. All the work and thought that's been put into simplifying the process for all the members is finally coming together and it's amazing to even be a small part of it. It's a great time to be part of the League and a great time to be involved with communications!

Beth Greenberg

Caitlin Darke & Ann-Christel Graham

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  1. It was so fun and thank you so much to Ann-Christel (Community VP) and Catherine Ross Stoll (Communications Council Assistant) for organizing such a fun event! And thank you to all who attended, it was a fun "micro-social" and I look forward to more.

    Summer Brill (Communications VP)