July 18, 2011

The Kelly Martinez Act (Post-Natal Depression) Passes!!

By Catherine Carlton, CalSPAC Chair

I am delighted to inform you all that ACR 53, the Kelly Martinez Act, passed out of the Senate Floor and will be soon enrolled and chaptered. Senator Carol Liu presented it yesterday and it received unanimous AYE vote! 

Assemblymember Roger Hernandez, Catherine Carlton, Raul Martinez, Kimberly Wong, and Joy Burkhard on the California Assembly Floor

We received the following message from Raul, the husband of Kelly. This bill is named after Kelly, who killed herself when her baby was a few weeks old. Raul has spoken at legislative hearings for the past two years, and has helped a great deal to have this and our previous peri-natal depression bill pass. 

"Thank you all so much for your efforts. Words can't describe how much this means to our family. Thank you. Raul" 

Thanks to everyone for your efforts in supporting the passage of ACR53-- another success in addressing the needs of people who may suffer from peri-natal depression!! Cat

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