July 14, 2011

Fundraising Training with Kay Sprinkel Grace

Noted presenter Kay Sprinkel Grace imparted a great deal of information on donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship to a room filled with League members and guests tonight. The training was sponsored by the Endowment Fund and the Training Committee. Some of Kay’s key points included:

Kay Sprinkel Grace Fundraiser Training held at Hewlett Foundation

(1) When you ask for money, it’s not about you, it’s about the donor.
(2) You need to be passionate, a believer and convey your enthusiasm when you make your ask.
(3) Shared values are the focus between an organization and its donors.
(4) You have two ears and one mouth, use in that proportion when meeting with a donor.
(5) Stewardship of donors is the most neglected area in the non-profit world, but it is critical.
(6) A hand-written note to thank a donor is always well received.

League members listening to Kay Sprinkel Grace

Her talk, which included questions from attendees as well as dialogue with the audience, lasted about two hours. The event was hosted at the Hewlett Foundation in Menlo Park and included social time before the presentation.

Sally Falkenhagen gives Kay a thank you gift

Personal thoughts: A great deal of useful information was presented in a gracious and engaging manner. Everyone who attended should now be more comfortable with the mechanics of fund raising through soliciting donors, as well as being better at stewardship of donors. Very much worth the time!

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