May 25, 2011

Get To Know Our 2011-12 Board of Directors, Part III

By Michelle Hostrup, Communications Committee 2011-12

This is Part III of a series introducing our Board, see Part I on 5/19/11 for the introduction.

Courtney Charney, Fundraising VP 2011-12

Courtney Charney was one of my Provisional Chairs, so I didn't need to interview her to know what a dynamic leader she is. Courtney has held many leadership positions within the League, including Chair/Co Chair of Enrichment, Fundraising, the Spring Gala, League PR, and the Provisional class. Courtney admitted that she'll miss chairing a committee, but is eager for the chance to work with Meaux.

Courtney is slated for Fundraising VP. During a time when fundraising is down for many non-profits across the US, she definitely has her work cut out for her. But she learned a lot of practical techniques from the Home Tour Committee which she plans to apply to her position next year. Specifically, Courtney learned that during a tough economy you have to be creative about spending money. For example, last year the Home Tour partnered with Tiny Prints for all the printed materials at a discounted price. In addition, the Home Tour utilized Sustainer relationships to host the Home Tour cocktail party and even called on League members to make beverage donations. These were all smart decisions that saved the League a lot of money.

During our interview we talked about the importance of raising the consciousness of the League members as it relates to fundraising activities in the current economic environment. "We have to do things differently in order to effectively raise money and give as much as we can back (in grants) to the community." She couldn't share all the details of what she has planned, but I know she has creative, practical and smart ideas for raising money in the year ahead.

Courtney has an extremely busy schedule being a Real Estate Agent. Fortunately she has flexible working hours which allows her to balance her time, plus she's super organized! When it comes to her responsibilities in the League, she told me that she sets guidelines and expectation in advance, that way she can fit everything in (work, the League, life, etc.). Fortunately her husband is a huge supporter of her involvement in the League, especially when he's invited to attend some of the fun social events. And when she's not doing League related activities, you might find her traveling or playing golf (as you can see from her picture above).

I felt a sense of comfort in knowing that Courtney was going to be our Fundraiser VP for next year. She is so passionate about keeping fundraising strong, and focused on how we move forward with fundraising in our ever changing world.

Stay tuned for more Board member interviews!

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