November 26, 2010

Sprinkles Home Tour Cupcake!!

The Finishing Touches Holiday Home Tour is the Event of the Year,
And what better than Sprinkles Cupcakes to bring you good cheer.
From Nov 29-Dec 3 special Home Tour cupcakes make their debut,
All proceeds benefit the Home Tour so please have a few.
The peppermint frosting must have come straight from heaven,
And we promise not to tell if you have one, two or seven.
Hurry on over to Sprinkles at the Center Stanford Shopping,
Or pick some up while Home Tour Boutique hopping.
There will be many new exciting vendors sure to intrigue,
Come show your support for Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula Junior League!

The Sprinkles Home Tour cupcake promotion is 11/29-12/3. Purchase the Home Tour cupcake at the Sprinkles at Stanford Shopping center and the proceeds go back to the League.

1 comment:

  1. I have 2 holiday parties this week and I will be heading to Sprinkles to pick up some cupcakes! I'll be the hit of the party! Thanks SPRINKLES!