November 16, 2010

November is Inspirational Role Models Month

posted by Summer Brill

November is Inspirational Role Models Month, did you know that? I didn’t either, until Amy Truel (DIAD co-chair) told me today. She told me she found out by reading the AJLI (Association of Junior Leagues International) Blog Connected. The AJLI ( has a wonderful website full of interesting articles, links to a blog (yes, they have one too!) links to their Facebook and Twitter and access to AJLI membership.

Read this post on the AJLI blog about Inspirational Role Models Month and chime in on the AJLI comment section. We also want to hear from you here! If you have an Inspirational Role Model, tell us (send to and we’ll post on our Blog or self post on our Facebook Page (

Who inspires you and why? I’ll start…

My Inspirational Role model is my friend Jill. We’ve known each other since our days at Arizona State University. She now lives in Chicago and I’m in California, but we keep in touch via Facebook, text and email. Although she is a plane ride away, she continues to inspire me with her thoughtfulness and unending support for her friends in need.

When my brother was in Iraq with the Marines, she started sending him letters and included funny articles, notes from her friends and general words of thanks and encouragement. She was not close with my brother before he left to serve, and I’m not sure they met more than a handful of times either. I did not ask her to write, she did it on her own. It didn’t take a lot of time, but her impact was great. He told us how getting letters from non-family members really lifted his morale and that of his fellow Marines.

A few years ago, a friend of hers had a daughter who became very ill and continues to rehabilitate to this day. From the very beginning, Jill rallied support among her friends, family and coworkers to lend encouragement and support to this friend of hers. I began to follow the progress of this young girl and even donated to one of the many many fundraisers put on by Jill and her friends to support this family. I’ve never met her friend nor the little girl, but I think about them often and keep tabs on them and lend support from afar, because Jill brought them to my attention.

And she continues to keep this family in the minds of those around her by continuing fundraising efforts through runs and activities. Just last week she climbed the Sears Tower in honor of her friends in need! These are just a few of the ways Jill supports those around her. She is the first one to participate in any donation or drive. She doesn’t hesitate ever to support those in need. She inspires me to lend support great and small.

See, that wasn’t so bad! Share! Tell us who your Inspirational Role Model is. Need some “inspiration”? Read the AJLI Blog post here, then send us your Role Model and why, we’ll share on our Blog. Or, share yourself on our Facebook Page (

You can access the AJLI member area with your AJLI number. It is located in your profile in our Member Directory. In the Member Area, choose ME on the Quick Links section. In your profile, the second box down has your AJLI Member ID. You can use this on the AJLI website ( to create a unique login and password. Still can’t find it? Contact

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