November 22, 2010

Spotted: That Inspiring Little Girl at Safeway

By Cynthia Muñoz

Those of you who attended the November General Meeting might appreciate this.

At 8:30 on Saturday morning, my husband, son and I stopped at a Starbucks in Almaden Valley for some morning caffeine. As we're leaving the parking lot, we drive by the front of the Safeway and I spot a little girl standing in front, with what appears to be a violin in her hands. I take a second look and also see who I think is her father sitting in a lawn chair by her, a collection bucket of some sort, and a poster with some graphics that I vaguely recognize. I realized it was the little girl that Poppy Pembroke (from the Second Harvest Food Bank) talked about during her presentation to us!

I couldn't believe it and I started excitedly telling my husband about her inspiring story of being appalled that there were children who went without food and decided she wanted to help raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank by playing violin for donations. My husband thought I was a little nutty for being so excited about it, like I just saw Brad Pitt standing there playing violin or something, but what a coincidence! (And in the end, he did agree that she was one amazing little girl.) How proud her parents must be of her! I thought about my own little guy in the backseat and I hoped we'd be able to teach him to be as selfless.

Tonight at dinner, he announced he wanted to go through his toys and pick out things to give to kids who don't have toys. Don't know if it's motivated by thinking of others and being thankful for how much he has, or if it's because his birthday AND Christmas are coming up and he's trying to make room for new stuff. I didn't ask too many questions. I just enjoyed the moment and chalked it up to a great start for an almost-six-year-old.

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