November 04, 2013

Project Read Book Club in October

by Stephanie Braun

The Project Read Book Club had seven attendees in October, who joined together to read Excuse Me, Are You A Witch? by Emily Horn. This book tells the story of Herbert, a lonely black cat, who learns at his local library that witches like black cats. Herbert sets out to find a witch as he wanders around town asking ever so politely, "excuse me, are you a witch?"  Luckily for Herbert, he eventually finds a group of witch schoolgirls who take him home to care for as their own.

After reading the book, which is reading level 2.7, we created our own black cats out of construction paper and some foam pieces that served as eyes, noses, and ears. Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

More information of Project Read:

In partnership with Project READ Redwood City, Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula (JLPA-MP) volunteers tutor children in grades K-8 at the downtown Redwood City library. Each child has an individualized learning plan that is provided by Project READ to the tutor.  A typical one-hour tutoring session includes helping students complete their homework, reading aloud together and playing games or other fun activities that further strengthen literacy skills.  League members also facilitate book club sessions and other literacy enrichment activities throughout the year to help encourage a lifelong love of reading. 

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