March 25, 2012

Cosmos and Chocolate

By Rachana Shah, Communications Team
President Meaux Costello (right) with group of Sustainers
The Sustainers got together in February for a pre-Valentine's Day fun at Girls Night Out: Cosmos and Chocolate.  The event was held at the Sugar Shack, a darling candy store in the heart of downtown Menlo Park owned by Sustainer Suzi Tinsley (you might have noticed it on your last trip to The is right across the street).  A diverse mix of around twenty-two Sustainers, joined by Junior League President Meaux Costello, were greeted by a private bartender who served up cosmopolitans in sugar-rimmed glasses adorned with yummy-gummies.  The group mingled over cocktails and a wide variety of desserts as they reconnected with their Junior League friends on a Thursday night.

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