March 06, 2012

ABC² Amy's Bean Counting Corner

By Amy Aldrich, Treasurer

After reading Michelle Hostrup’s “TOP TEN LIST” blog, she inspired me to step away from my spreadsheets and blog about what I love most… the League’s finances! With over eight months of the League year behind us, I thought an update might be warranted.

TOP TEN REASONS THE LEAGUE WILL BE IN THE BLACK (or at least net zero as planned)

#10: As of January 31, 2012, revenue earned is 76% of goal.

#9: As of January 31, 2012, budget spent is 53% of goal.

#8: That means a little more than half of the budget has been spent in the first eight months.

#7: The Shop has reached 84% of the revenue budget goal YTD.

#6: The Endowment has reached 100% of the revenue budget goal YTD.

#5: The Home Tour has contributed over… just kidding… I don’t even know the number yet… more to come, I promise.

#4: Fund Development is working hard to bring in grants to support the revenue budget goals.

#3: As a Leaguer, you have supported the League’s mission with your dues and reached 99% of the revenue budget goal YTD.

#2: Each committee has been fiscally responsible to not overspend its budget. Keep up the good work for the remaining months of the year!

And the #1 reason the League will be in the black this League year…

#1: YOU! It is through your contributions of time, talent and treasure, some careful planning and responsible spending, that all of us can be proud of the accomplishments of the year so far!

For those who enjoy pie charts and spreadsheets, you can email me and I will provide further details regarding the League finances. Please feel free to contact me, our Finance VP Jovita Honor or President Meaux Costello if you have questions or comments about our financial position.

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