January 10, 2012

Yummy Cookie Exchange

By Marcie Brown, Endowment Fund Committee
Take home cookie station
Weeks later, I am still thinking about bacon in cookies! Who would have even thought to do that? And who would think that they are tasty? Well, they are darn good!

JL Members at the Cookie Exchange
The Cookie Exchange, hosted by the Provisional Class and open to all League members and their friends, was held last month at the Gatehouse. A rousing success only begins to describe what a fun event it was! 

Unlike other Cookie Exchanges I’ve been too – they had a tasting and a friendly competition for the cookies. Like other Cookie Exchanges, everyone went home with cookies, packaged by attendees themselves in adorable to-go boxes. A few of each cookie guests brought were cut into bit-sized pieces and assigned a number – everyone was given three slips of paper to put a number on to name their choice for – best looking, best tasting & most original. How the bacon one didn't win most original was beyond me! 

Santa Cookies
Two well-dressed, kind gentlemen carried trays of sparkling beverages around the Gatehouse for guests to sip while they tasted. The dining room table had cheeses and crackers and other savories as well. It was a delightful event – lots of mingling and conversations, great food and beverages and more than enough fun! 

My first-year Active daughter’s cookies were the best tasting in my opinion, but they didn’t take the prize. But, I did get a few leftovers to take home!

Lauren Case, Lisa Hammon,
Danielle Stromgren
The WINNERS from the Cooking Exchange:

Best Tasting Cookies - Lauren Case
Best Looking Cookies - Jennifer Potter
Most Unique Cookies - Amanda George

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  1. Best Cookie Exchange event ever! So many people attended that the Gatehouse was packed!

    Kudo's to our wonderful Provisionals!