January 25, 2012

RECAP: January 18 GMM

By Amy Truel, Communications Team

Did you miss the January 18 General Membership Meeting? Find out what was discussed and presented.
A moving and informative presentation from Karae Lisle (shown right), Executive Director of Shelter Network.

Kathleen Castaillac and Helen Ungerman, Home Tour Co-Chairs, provided a witty and memorable homage to the behind-the-scenes Home Tour preparation. How those ladies could accomplish so much, putting on an amazing Home Tour while chronicling their adventures and maintaining a sense of humor is beyond me. Once again, Thank you Home Tour Team-we are blown away!

Bena Vohra (shown left), Junior SPAC Delegate, invited us to submit our ideas for "There Oughta Be A Law...". This is a  great opportunity for League members to make a difference! Think about laws you would like to see enacted, and submit your ideas to SPAC by March 2.
Sally Falkenhagen (shown right), Endowment Fund Chair, spoke about the history and performance of the League Endowment Fund. It was very inspiring to see how the idea was formed back in 1992, launched in 1994 and has grown into a substantial amount, ensuring continued League support for our community. To donate to the Fund, click here.
Tara Roussel, Nominating Chair, introduced us to our stellar proposed 2012-13 Board of Directors (shown left).
Jan Hickman, Shop Committee Chair, emceed a great fashion show featuring items available at The Shop. Not just clothes either; we were treated to ladies strutting their stuff carrying artwork, tables, and yes, Brooke Lopez did wear a lampshade (shown right)!

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