November 28, 2011

We learned how to TWEET a photo at the Communications Team Social!

By Catherine Ross Stoll, Communications Team

On November 14th the Communications Team got together for a social (thanks to Gae Sares for organizing it) at The Office Bar and Grill in San Carlos. While we were there, having a good time and enjoying some yummy food, the subject of Twitter came up in our conversation.

Cynthia Munoz, Michelle Hostrup, Gae Sares, Amy Truel, Beth Ann Brown, Catherine Ross Stoll, Summer Brill, Catherine Wilson, Kathryn Brownstone
I suggested we take a photo right then and Tweet it out. We had the waiter take our photo on my iPhone and I immediately tweeted the photo straight from my iPhone using the hash tag #jlpamp to make it easy to search for. Michelle Hostrup (our Social Mediaa Assistant Chair extraordinaire) then searched for that hash tag within her Twitter app on her iPhone, and retweeted my tweet within a few minutes of the photo being taken. So easy!

If you want Michelle to see your JL-related tweets too, please use the hash tag #jlpamp and she can either retweet it or use the info in your tweet to compose her own tweet. A quick and easy way to bypass the web form if there is something happening that's worth tweeting about right away.

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