November 20, 2011

Highlights from the November General Meeting

By Marcie Brown, Endowment Fund Committee Member

The November General Meeting had everything! There was a yummy dinner, loads of information about our Community Projects, a discourse with Sustainers and outfits from The Shop, adorable children in a Home Tour video, and more!

Sprinkles, a big League supporter, will again donate the proceeds of a special Home Tour cupcake. Last year their donation exceeded $2,500. I know many League members will be stopping by Sprinkles the week before the Home Tour as the special cupcake (Peppermint-Vanilla) is only available for a week. I hope they freeze well because I'll be buying a lot!

The Home Tour Committee also showed an adorable video featuring “Toddlers & Tiaras” – who knew we had a rival to Imelda Marcos in our League? They also talked about their “refer a friend” promotion and all their other events, emphasizing that the Cocktail Party would have college football on television for those who cannot bear to miss one moment of the game.

Catherine Carlton, 2010-11 Sr. SPAC Delegate, shared about how the month of May became perinatal depression awareness month. She added that Radio Disney had picked it up and that it was becoming a nationwide movement. The League isn’t often associated with advocacy, but there it is in action!

Susan Herman, Executive Director of Help One Child, made an enlightening presentation about foster children. Help One Child partners with Fostering Families, a League project. The statistics she shared were extremely sad, but it was clear that the League project is making a positive impact.

Nominating Chair Tara Roussel presented the President Elect Elect, Joy Peacock, via photo and words since Joy couldn‘t make the meeting. Besides giving great reasons for choosing a leadership role, Tara encouraged people to self-submit. The ever fabulous Naomi Chavez-Peters facilitated a discussion with uber-accomplished Sustainers Susan Martin, Jean Limbach and Sarah Rosendahl about taking their League learned skills and putting them to work in the community.

Many wonderful finds from The Shop were strutted across the stage by members of The Shop committee. The outfits were great!

And Meaux got us out on time! Our heads were filled with a lot of good information and feeling good about being a League member!

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