October 31, 2011

An Intimate Gathering at the Neighborhood Meeting

By Beth Ann Brown, Communications Team

Last week I attended a neighborhood meeting at the lovely home of Polly Neumann. It was an intimate affair of perhaps a dozen members (including one baby) where we shared delicious finger foods and pomegranate martinis. 

After perhaps a half hour of socializing, Naomi Chavez-Peters called us together to discuss the topic of the meeting: outreach. We began by sharing how we got involved with the League, what we thought the League was doing well and where it could improve. With one transfer, four provisionals and a handful of actives in attendance, the discussion was lively and ideas flowed freely. Naomi also spotlighted the AJLI website and its features, particularly the new Webinar Wednesdays. 

Afterward, we socialized a bit more and everyone seemed happy they'd attended-- I know I was! So if you haven't had a chance to go to one of the neighborhood meetings, I'd advise you to try! They're quite fun.

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