April 29, 2011

Leadership Training: JLPA•MP Committee Transition Checklist

by Miriam Huntley, Nominating Chair 2010-11

We are heading into May, and you know what that means, Transition Time! This is the time of year our Leaders pass the baton as we begin our next League year June 1st. You may have already scheduled your transition meeting or you may be planning to talk about transition at the Nominating Sponsored Cinco de Mayo meeting in May. Nominating created a Transition Checklist to assist in your Transition. If you have any questions about Transitioning or this checklist, contact your Nominating Advisor.

JLPA•MP Committee Transition Checklist

1. What are the important dates in the upcoming League year, for this committee?

2. Does this committee have a budget? If so, how much?
What are the key expenditures for this committee (if any)?
What is the copier code?

3. Who are the community or fundraising partners that the incoming committee chair(s) should know? Please share the appropriate contact information.
For fundraising committees; what are the most appropriate fundraising guidelines?

4. Which league relationships (either person or position) were key?

5. What are the League communication processes most frequently used by this committee?

6. What did you try that was new and/or different from previous years?
What would you:
Continue (including useful tips/tricks for committee success)?

7. What do committee members find the most satisfying about this placement?
What is the most challenging, for committee members?

8. Are there any recurring challenges for the Chair(s) for this committee? How did you address them?
What is most satisfying about leading this committee?

9. Please provide the following support materials:
Job descriptions
Calendar map or timeline
Meeting agendas and/or meeting notes
Copies of Piper articles, meeting flyers or other communications about your committee
Editorial Calendar used for Social Media marketing
Any other support materials (contracts, agreements, relevant notifications, etc.)

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  1. Great info! Thanks, Miriam. Download this checklist and other great transition material from the Leadership Forum!