December 20, 2009

Leadership Tip: Slowing Down to Speed Up

Leadership cannot really be taught. It has to be learned.
~ Harold S. Geneen

It is hard to believe that it is only a matter of days before our clocks and calendars turn to 2010. While the time is going quickly, for a few committees, the month of December may be a little “slow.” You may have social events rather than heavy meetings, but please keep in mind that you are leading a group of amazing ladies and they need to hear from you. You may also be working with amazing organizations that need to hear from you too.

· People do what they have to do for their manager; they do their best for an inspirational leader. (Note to self… you want to be an inspiring leader, not a manager.)
· You must embody what you ask of others and be able to articulate a shared vision in a way that inspires others to act.

· You must offer a sense of common purpose beyond the day-to-day tasks, making work exciting (with fun thrown in too). Establish an environment of continuous improvement.
· Help people connect their personal goals to League or committee goals. (It is a great idea to remind ourselves and committee members to freshen up our resumes to include Junior League involvement and achievements. It can be a deciding factor when searching for a new job or going for a promotion.)
· Involve everyone, empower and trust your committee members.
· Coach and train people to greatness. (Everyone has talents… you need to work to identify the talents, then nourish them.)
· Build teams and promote teamwork. Leverage the diversity in the group.
· Motivate, inspire and energize people. Recognize achievements!
· Make the committee work fun. Get creative or reach out if you are struggling to see the “fun” in the work that needs to be done.
· Choose to lead. Be the person others choose to follow.

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