December 27, 2017

Who Shops at The Shop?

By: The Shop Committee members Alexis Terndrup and Annette Poliwka

As League members, we often think of The Shop as a place to donate clothing and household goods in order to raise revenue for The League. We can quickly drop off donations in the back or drive by on our way to the Gatehouse, as well as participate in the “Shop Drop” before General Membership Meetings. As members we also know that The Shop is very successful, and the profits make up a considerable portion of the League’s budget.

What is often not discussed is the impact The Shop has on the community outside of the League. When going into The Shop on any given day, you can see a crowd of customers happily going through racks. As one joyous shopper mentioned while excitedly browsing the wide array of books, “No other [resale] stores are like this.  We live in Oregon and whenever we come here to visit family, we come to The Shop!” The Shop also draws in customers of all ages, from freshmen Stanford students browsing the shoes after being told, “If you go to Menlo Park, you’ve got to stop at The Shop.” to working professionals in search of name brands at a discount. Another woman mentioned, “This is a great place to look for high end dressy items without the high end price tag.” The Shop also frequently draws in new customers. As one patron mentioned, “The atmosphere is so nice from the outside. I decided to go in and didn’t even know it was a [resale] store until I began looking at (the)tags.”

With the wide array of customers The Shop brings it, it’s wonderful to see the common excitement and enthusiasm they all share while searching for one of a kind items at a bargain price. The Shop would not be what it is today without the support of our League members. Thank you for helping to create such a shopping gem for our community! 

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