February 28, 2013

Treasure Hunting with the Provisional Committee

By Cynthia Munoz, Provisional Committee Member

As the old adage kind of goes, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Well believe me, there certainly was no trash to be found at the Provisional Fashion Swap Social on January 31, 2013. Thanks to the coordination of Social Chair Summer Tokash, we had a reason to purge our closets and an opportunity to find some new treasures.

A small but very excited group of Provisionals and committee members gathered in the living room of the Gatehouse, where we had the chance to peruse through some great jewelry, pairs of barely worn shoes and a rack of great clothing. It was some consolation to learn that I am not the only one guilty of buying things that end up never even being de-tagged.

"Try it on! Try it on!" 

We decided the fair way to do the swap would be to take turns to pick something out, with the caveat that the item had to be tried on and modeled for the group. No pressure. I head straight for the Prada shoes, figuring people staring at my feet would be less daunting than having them stare at other parts of my body. This group of great ladies, however, proved to be nothing short of supportive, fun and relaxed as each us went through round after round of picking things out to try. 

We all coveted the beautiful Black Halo dress that Summer brought in and fit Provisional Sophia Chesnokova like a glove and I was dismayed that a pair of cocktail pants I brought in looked way better on Provisional Kathleen Nolan than they ever did on me. A special bonus was having committee member Kim Burnham give each of us some styling tips during our modeling stints and made us love our new fashion finds even more! Everyone found at least one new treasure, if not more and whatever wasn't claimed at the end of the evening was brought to The Shop. 

The real treasure of the evening, however, was not really about the clothes, the shoes or the jewelry. It was about having the chance to get to know these great women a little better and reinforce one of the reasons that we all love being a part of the League. We not only take pride in the work we do in the community, but we relish the time we have to make new friends, connect with old ones and feel like a part of something special. 

Sophia and Summer 



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