October 25, 2012

Training: Life in Balance

By Lauren Case, Training Committee

The Training Committee hosted its first training the last week of September, with speaker Naomi Chavez Peters guiding us towards achieving a more balanced life. This was the perfect way to start off our League year "which just so happens to coincide with getting little ones back to school, going back to school ourselves, watching the World Series, football season, etc." when we all start feeling like we are way too busy to possibly attend that next League event.

Naomi worked with us to realize our own priorities, and actually prioritize them! In case you missed the training, but are feeling a bit unbalanced, this means working on correcting time management mistakes we often make, including: 

• Failure to plan 

• Failure to prioritize . . . and re-prioritize 
• Being easily distracted
• Putting off distasteful tasks 
• Lack of organization 

If we can get ourselves organized and planning ahead, we will waste less time on unimportant activities. Naomi left me with one idea in particular: to help better manage not only our time, but also our overall wellbeing, we can practice "exercising integrity in the moment." What this means is, when we have the decision between watching a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon with a glass of wine (or two), and going to the gym, we should not always pick RHWBR and the wine. 

In moderation, our (my) Bravo addiction is fine, but remember, we often over-extend ourselves, and we need to make time to do the things that we find important. Our priorities are really just our "what I want to be when I grow up" list. Our decisions, and our ability to "exercise integrity in the moment" shape our lives. We need to step back and ask ourselves, am I living the life I intend? 

Thanks Naomi, I will be going to the gym this week! 

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