March 17, 2011

Mrs. N Fertility and Relationships Groups Q and A

By Rachel Melia and Stephanie Witlin, Member Resources Committee Members 2010-11

In case you didn't know, The Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula has Fertility and Relationships Google groups. These groups were created to help better support our members as they face new opportunities and challenges in their lives.

These groups are affectionately called Mrs. N. Read this Q&A to learn all about these groups and how they may be able to benefit you.

Question: What is Mrs. N?
Answer: Mrs. N stands for the Member Resources Support Network. The network includes two groups, the Fertility Challenges group and the Relationships group. Members can post anonymous questions to these groups.

Question: How do I join? And how do I access?
Answer: Click here to request to join the Relationships group and click here to request to join the Fertility Challenges group. Create an alias for your account to remain anonymous. When you want to view questions or post a question or comment login to the JLPA-MP site then click on the group you want to go to under "Discussion Groups".

Question: Should I use my real name?
Answer: It's up to you. However, if you'd prefer that your conversations remain anonymous, we encourage you to create an alias for your account.

Question: Should I join if I am not having current fertility or relationship problems?
Answer: Yes! Since those members who have been through similar challenges can often provide the best help, we welcome all members who have experienced challenges in these areas to contribute to the conversation.

Question: What kinds of topics are discussed in the groups?
Answer: You may choose to discuss anything that’s on your mind, as it relates to fertility or relationships. Recent topics have included: adoption counseling, information on fertility studies, and coping with depression.

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