January 20, 2011

"Leadership Opportunities Suggested, Your Application is Requested!"

By Ashley Roussel, Nominating Committee 2010-11

January 21 is the deadline for your Leadership Application,

Please sign up now for the 2011/2012 League year duration!

Leadership application forms are now available on our website

Nominate yourself or a fellow leaguer for a position outright.

Ample opportunities await for first-time or seasoned leaders,

Provisional or Member Resources are great for new leaguers!

These committees consist entirely of leaders sans chairing,

Gain leadership experience for future committee pairing!

Chair a committee solo or co-chair together with an aid,

Many positions to choose and arrangements can be made!

Complete the form or just reach out to your NomCom liaison,

If it’s your year to lead, please help us complete the equation!

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