February 08, 2010


POSTED BY: Tara Roussel

Feet. So sore.

I haven’t danced that much since the actual ‘80s.

After being greeted at the door by Provisional Committee member Carson Eltoukhy and Co-Chair Courtney Charney, we paused only long enough for a picture before bouncing our side-ponytails to the beat! We danced until they turned the music off and the lights back on.

Club Illusions on California Ave. in Palo Alto really wowed with an impressive collection of hits – and vintage videos on a huge screen at the front of the club. I’m not sure what was more hilarious: re-watching the ‘special’ effects in those early videos or finally realizing that sparkly woman in the large brown wig was President Jan Woolsey.

And who knew six-foot-tall Kristen Fabos-Livingston could groove like that! (Oh and God bless her sweet hubby and all the hubbies who came. Mine was ecstatic to be on babysitting duty that night.)

So while I have washed the Aqua Net out of my hair and retired the hot pink mesh fingerless gloves to my daughter’s dress-up closet, I’m still bopping inside to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

What a blast. Thanks so much to the organizers. Provisional Committee: You outdid yourselves!

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